After the Liberation in 1878 from the Turkish Occupation the forests in the region of today's Hunting Enterprise Rositsa, area Lagat became state owned. Before 1938 the state forest "Rositsa” was under the jurisdiction of Sevlievo Administrative Forestry Department. After this time it became an independent forestry unit.
As well as managing the area, foresters also take care of its inhabitants. At that time the big game consisted of roe deer, brown bear, in small numbers and wolves, which were very rare. There were also many smaller animals, rabbit, fox, marten, wild cat, pole cat, otter squirrel species which were hunted as well.

Red deer were introduced into the area in 1958. These animals came from the breeding station "Palamara" to an area known as "Usana" which is close to Lagat. They settled into the area very well and it was not long before they started to reproduce on their own. Shortly after, they were developing into very large and desirable trophies.             
In 1972 the State Hunting Enterprise Rositsa was created in the area which already had been used for hunting activities. The first Director was Mr. Belcho Iliev. The main focus of the Enterprise was caring for wildlife in the area, as well as creating and developing excellent hunting conditions. This was the start of the construction of the specialized hunting infrastructure we have today.

In 1978 the area saw the arrival of the first foreign hunting party. There was restructuring done in 1984 by the Government when the Enterprise became part of the State Council, which was governed by UBO (This is like the British equivalent of the Home Office). The Enterprise was then renamed “Mazalat” it covered an area in the mountains south of Apriltsi and north of Kalofer including the mountain peak Triglav, Taja village and Gabrovnitsa River.

The Administration Centre is based in Lagat, where the needs of hunting tourism were catered for by the building of a Hunting lodge which started in 1983.

To increase the game diversity in the region and to restore the brown bear’s population, 80 bears up to a year old were imported from Romania. The animals were looked after for a year in Mokra Biala sanctuary and then distributed around Lagat, Apriltsi and along Gabrovnitsa River.

In early 1990 hunting enterprise "Mazalat" was disbanded. However the game keeping activities continued and didn’t stopped despite of the numerous reforms and restructuring of the forest system over the next two decades.

In 2011 State hunting area "Rositsa” - Lagat, became part of the "North Central State Enterprise" - Gabrovo, as a territory within its borders.

Over the past 40 years State Hunting Area "Rositsa“ - Lagat has created and developed a good tradition in the management of large game in the region. This has been achieved by constant investment in the hunting and tourism infrastructure; with the construction of new hunting facilities, improvements in the animals’ habitat and security.