Nedkov, Ivan

Since 1982, Ivan has managed the hunting at the Enterprise “Rositsa” area Lagat, taking part in many everyday activities. He has accompanied hundreds of hunters as an active Professional and shot numerous valuable trophies as well as having organised many hunts. He has an outstanding hunting sense and an overwhelming passion for hunting. In 2011 he became a Director of “Northern Central State Enterprise”.
Ivan is married, with a son and daughter.

Yuliyan Kostadinov

He is currently in charge of the hunting at State Hunting Enterprise "Rositsa". As a professional hunter, he has accumulated unrivaled experience in individual hunting and is one of the main organizers of the driven hunts.

Yuliyan is married, with a son.

Peter Nedyalkov

Peter has massive experience as a hunting guide. With customers he has shot hundreds of roe deer, dozens of red deer, wild boars and bears, most of which were medalists. He is a professional with inborn instinct for the hunt, which pays off on almost every trip.

Boris Krastev Borissov



Bratovan Bratovanov - Botyo was born in 1940. He spent his entire life in the forests around Lagat. Botyo began work at the Enterprise in 1955, as a forester and outlived all political regimes and changes. Even today he continues to accompany hunters, helps arrange the ambush, as well as bringing warmth and colour to the day with stories of the past.

Vasil Tsonev

Born in 1955 in the village Kupen. For more than 20 years he is a hunting guide at the Enterprise. Specialising in the training of hunting dogs and dogs for driven hunting. He is always surrounded by at least 2-3 good beagles!

Plamen Karashki