29 years in a row hunting Mazalath.

Back in the 80s’, as than owner and CEO of Blaser Hunting  Arms, Mauser Hunting Rifles, and other hunting related factories, I had business dealings with the Government of Bulgaria, while I was setting up a small factory for walnut gunstocks in Gabrovo, Bulgaria.

As an avid hunter I got invited to Mazalath. In those days this was the hunting resort of high ranked officials of the communistic regime and their international guests.

I ‘kind of’ loved what I saw: Plenty of game in an seemingly endless and natural mountainous habitat: Enormous trophy red stag, big tusked, old boars, good trophy roe deer and even chamois where roaming the forests, meadows, and mountains. Almost too many to be a challenge to a real hunter. The area was partly over stocked, the game (incl. bears) concentrated around feeing areas to accommodate the time-pressed communistic leaders of that time.

It was than, when I met Ivan Nedkov as my guide, a young and ambitious forester, avid hunter and game manager. He spoke good German. During long hours out on stands I told Ivan of western hunting ethics and game management and what European and North American hunters would expect if they came to Mazalth. Ivan listened very interested.

After and during my first hunt I met with some of the highest government officials and a contract was signed,  granting my corporations some exclusivity for their hunting guests and securing Mazalth a regular income in DM and $. That covered at least a portion of the enormous cost of maintaining such a large hunting resort, well staffed and stocked, with its luxourious hunting lodge. That was the beginning of a fine symbiosis that soon has its 30est anniversary.

Since 1984 I come to Mazalth at least once a year, accompanying my guests and hunt myself. Roebuck in Summer, Red Stag in fall, the ‘Gonkas’ (Driven Wildboar) are a blast! My last visit was only a few weeks ago. Even though it is a long overseas journey I took my 9 year old son Danny out and he happily and proficiently shot his first game, a young wild boar. A hunter was born and hooked to Mazalat, as his Dad. Danny’s older brother Andy missed his shot, but can’s wait to come back and do better. Meanwhile he’ll practice on target….

Mazalath of today can not – and shall not - be what it once was. We hunters of today expect hunting to be a challenge with a good chance for both: The hunter to succeed and the game to escape. But still: Nobody who has travelled so far and spent that kind of money wants to go home empty handed. That never happenes to hunts in Mazalath, provided however the hunter has some skill in stalking and shooting and a little bit of luck…Mazalath is still a hunting Paradise for me.

If you as true hunter are planning to hunt Mazalath, and have questions, please feel free to call or email me (English or German, some Spanish). I’ll be happy to answer to the best of my knowledge. (Europeans: Please keep in mind: Canada’s Pacific Time  is 9 hours behind).

Good hunting!

Signed Gerhard Blenk

132 Sky Court

Kelowna, BC V1V 3A2, Canada

Mobile Tel. +1-250-862 1826




This is a letter, received from Mr. Klaus von Menges, as a representative of a German group recently staid at Lagat, hunting red deer.

Thank you very much for the photos. This will also a very good memory for us, but above all the excellent hospitality, which you organized were a big contribution to our so happy, enjoyable and successful hunting trip at Rositsa - Lagat.

We do thank you, your team and all, who cooperated, very much indeed for all, what you did for us.

We returned safely and will give the trophies the best places in our collection.

Once again, thank you, best regards  

Klaus von Menges

September 2014, Germany


Zusammen mit drei Jagdfreunden komme ich seit 1994 regelmässig zur Jagd nach Bulgarien.
Dieses Jahr wurde uns von unserem Jagdvermittler (Bulgarian Hunt Service) das Revier Rositsa empfohlen.
Von Beginn an waren wir von der Aufmerksamkeit und Freundlichkeit des Personals im Jagdhaus positiv überrascht.
Auch die Ausstattung des Jagdhauses liegt über dem Durchschnitt der allgemein sehr guten Lodges in Bulgarien.
Das Revier ist in einem sehr gepflegten Zustand, überall waren Wildäcker angelegt, sicher auch dadurch ist der Wildreichtum enorm.
Die Jagdführer sind ausgezeichnet, uns wurden alle Wünsche erfüllt. Auch die jagdlichen Einrichtungen, sowie die zum Transport der Jäger zur Verfügung stehenden Fahrzeuge sind Spitzenklasse.
Der hygienische Standart im " Schlachthaus " ist der beste, den wir in Bulgarien bisher erlebt haben.

FAZIT : Nach vielen sehr guten Jagdrevieren, die wir bisher in Bulgarien besucht haben, erhält das Revier Rositsa die Bestnote. Rossitsa wird unser Lieblingsrevier bleiben und wir kommen mit Sicherheit wieder.
mit den besten Grüsssen an die Crew von Rossitsa zusammen mit ihrem Chef
Jürgen Wagner (
November 2013)


“I spent a very good week-end within your hunting area.

 We were very successfull with wild boars, the weather was perfect, everything was well organized.

 I would like to congratulate you for the friendly welcome and hospitality”.


 Bernard NEUVIALE (13th January 2013, France) 




“Warm and friendly atmosphere within the lodge. Superb  organization in the forest, which resulted into a successful boar hunt thanks to Peter’s professional skills.

I’ll defiantly come back for another wild boar, hopefully in November when there is a full moon. One more time thanks a lot for the great hospitality!”

Kostas Kalogeris (11th November 2012, Greece)


“This hunt was very good as usual. From the first day we were able to shoot five Roe Deer. Peter was very well prepared and the hunt was of course very successful due to it. The standard of the food and service were second to none. Ivan has made many positive changes and things have been brought up to a world standard, it will not be long before I return”.

May 2012, Mr. Herbert Rudolf (Germany)