The total surface of forest areas, managed by DLS "Rositsa" - Lagat is 12 390 ha. 12 007,3 ha (96.9%) of which is wooded. Deciduous forests occupy 9 378 ha (78%) and coniferous – 2 629 ha (22%).

With regards to the deciduous forest 8 582 hectares (91.5%) are tall trees. The majority of the forest is beech, which caters for - 62%, followed by pine - 13%, hornbeam - 8% and the remaining 17% mixed. On the estate there are 32 different species of tree established over all.

DLS "Rositsa" is dominated by mountainous terrain. The majority of the forests are situated in a band at an altitude between 500 and 800 m. The lowest point is 250 meters above sea level, while the highest is at 1430 m.

Divisions of forest areas by the type of property are as follows:



9444 ha

76 %


560 ha

4 %


2440 hа

20 %


Total timber reserve amounted to 3 300 000 m3. The average annual growth is 49 000 m3. According to the forestry management projections the annual wood usage is approximately 38 000 m3 – which is 11 000 m3 less than the growth. For the past 10 years the average annual use of wood is 20 000 m3. This means that the forest at Lagat produces significantly more than is being used. This way the stock of wood increases every year.

DLS "Rositsa" relies on natural regeneration of forests. Afforestation is done occasionally - basically after sanitary cleansing in coniferous plantations. These plantings are carried out with various deciduous species, which is done with trees that are suitable for the area.

The Enterprise produces the following:

• logs of beech for veneer and plywood;
• logs for sawing from beech, white pine and spruce;
• logs of beech for craft processing.
• Technological wood cutting – hardwood, softwood and firewood from deciduous trees.