State Hunting Area "Rositsa” is based in an area known as Lagat. The administration building is situated there. The Reserve starts near to the village of Stokite, which is 10 km north of Lagat. The nearest sizable town is 35 km away and is called Sevlievo. The Airport at Sofia is 250 km to the west and the towns of Gabrovo and Veliko Tarnovo are 50 km and 80 km respectively from the area. The Reserve is signposted from the village of Gorna Rositsa, which is close to Sevlievo.

The hunting area of the Reserve covers 25 000 hectares of the northern slopes of Stara Planina. Starting with “Buzludzha”, across "Shipka" pass, then onto the peak called “Korita” and finally “Rossovatets” furthest west. The hunting Reserve shares its borders with two other areas, to the west "Russalka", which is near to the town known as Apriltsi and to the south "Mazalat" close to a village called Gorno Sahrane. The Southwest border of the hunting Reserve is shared with the "Central Balkan" National Park .