State Hunting Area "Rositsa” - Lagat, offers classic red deer, roe deer, wild boar, fallow deer, mouflon, wolf and bear hunting.

The Reserve is situated in a mountainous area and requires a reasonable level of physical fitness and standard hunting equipment /rifle with a telescopic sight (riflescope), pair of binoculars, knife, comfortable waterproof shoes or boots, clothes made of natural fabrics or breathable materials/.

Hunting is conducted by a professional hunter. The most frequently used hunting methods are stalking, waylaying or coaxing.

Red deer /Cervus elaphus/

Red deerhunting begins in early September. The best hunting can be experienced before the first days of October, during the mating season, when the whole territory of the Reserve resounds with the roar of the rutting deer. This culminates around 20th to 25th September, depending on the conditions during the year.  The hunting day starts early in the morning. Before dawn the hunter and guide should be situated at deer’s mating places.  The evening hunt begins in late afternoon and ends with the onset of darkness. For the inaccessible areas of the Reserve horses are often used. Riding also gives an additional contact with nature and creates unforgettable memories for the hunters.

For red deerhunting it is best to allow 4-6 days to have enough time to choose a suitable animal. Average trophy size in Lagat area is between 8 - 10 kg., however almost every year there has been animals hunted at 10-11 kg. After the rutting, hunting continues until the end of January.
Another possibility for intense hunting is the selective red deer, immature males, calves and old females. This hunt continues until the end of December and at its best during the months of November and December.

Roe deer /Capreolus capreolus/

Trophy deer hunting starts on 1st May and it is permitted until the end of October. During the spring and summer, when there is a scarce chance for hunting, it’s a nice opportunity for hunters to interact with nature, enjoying the beautiful scenery and looking for new experiences. Roe deer hunting has clear seasonality. During May and June, roe deer are quite active and relatively easy to spot. In July, the grass has grown tall, there is plenty of food, high temperatures and the hunting becomes extremely difficult. In August, with the start of the rutting season, there is an opportunity to lure deer. This requires good professionalism and specific hunting skills of the guide and it is a very exhilarating experience. In September and October, hunting can be difficult, but could be combined with red deer, mouflon and wild boar.
In October, female and offspring selective hunting is authorized, in which rules are strictly adhered to.
The average roe deer trophy is 300-400 g.

Wild boar /Sus scrofa/

Individual wild boar hunting is permitted the whole year round. It is often very emotional and offers valuable hunting trophies. Hunting is usually done from a raised hide. The best time for hunting is the December full moon, during theirs mating season. The length of the hunted boar tusks varies between 20 and 25 cm.

Driven wild boar hunting starts after 1st October. The best time for this type of hunting is after the middle of November, when the trees are loosing their leaves and the forest visibility is better. By then the hunters, drivers and dogs are at their sharpest. Usually one group comprises of five to ten hunters. Years of experience in driven hunting has developed an extremely high level of knowledge of the ambush, also tight organization and efficiency in group-hunting in open territory.
In addition to the traditional off road driving, heavy mountain terrain usually requires the use of horses - for spreading of the shooters, and later for collecting of the shot game.

Mouflon /Ovis musimon/

Mouflons have been artificially introduced into the game area, offering an interesting trophy all year round.  The hunt is conducted within the fenced area of 270 hectares.

Fallow deer /Cervus Dama Dama/

Also artificially introduced game. Hunting starts from 1st October within the fenced area of 270 hectares.

Wolf /Canis lupus/

Wolfs are emblematic species for the Reserve. Besides traditional hunting by haunt waiting, here is also offered group wolves hunting. It requires a serious and well prepared approach as this is extreme hunting. This involves serious trekking on foot or riding in deep snow often in extremely cold temperatures. Preparation, discipline good hunting equipment is of paramount importance. Following these guidelines will give you good chance of obtaining this precious trophy.

Bear /Ursus arctos /

In State Hunting Reserve "Rositsa", the bear population has a very high density. Every year one animal is shot with over 450 CIC. /trophies/