With regards to his 75th birthday and for his contribution to the development of forestry and hunting departments of DLS “Rositsa”, Severnocentralno Darjavno Predpriatie (SCDP) awarded

Bratovan Penkov Bratovanov – ‘Botyu’

with a hunting rifle "BRNO", model ZKK 600, caliber .270 Winchester and 60 cartridges, as well as carrying strap and pouch.
His long and consistent work on the creation, protection and development of big game populations was highly appreciated, as well as his active help in the development of forestry and hunting infrastructure of DLS “Rositsa”- Lagat.

The Director of SCDP - eng. Ivan Nedkov thanked Botyu "for his tenacity, indomitable spirit, enthusiasm and loyalty to the profession - qualities that can be example for all of us."

13 May, 2015