At this year Lagat’s fair we were overwhelmed to have an appearance by Valya Balkanska, who is famous in Bulgaria for having a recording of one of her song on the Voyager space craft, which has now left the Solar System. Valya Balkanska accompanied by with her piper Peter Yanev played a selection of songs as well as the famous number which is now travelling deep space  on Voyager, entitled "Izlel e Delyu Haydutin", The changing weather did not seem to put off the visitors and guests of the event and everybody had a good time despite the showers. From early morning the orchestra who were supporting "Rozhen" warmed the atmosphere for the big event.  When the time came the sound of the Rodopi bagpipes and the magical voice of one of Bulgarians favourite singer gathered all visitors around the stage area. In the course of the day local folk groups from villages Stokite, Kravenik and Batoshevo also performed. There was a 200-liter Kurban soup cooked from before dawn, offered to everybody for health, donated by Hunting Area "Rositsa" - Lagat. In the traditional horse racing 13 riders took part, although conditions under foot were not ideal, that being said there was still some fine times recorded. First place was awarded to Andrian Angelov and his horse Chacho, the second prise went to last years winner, Plamen Nikolov with horse Favorit and  the third place took Momchil Krassimirov with horse Cher.

5 August, 2014