Sadly on 12th October 2014, after a short illness the Gamekeeper Penyo Astrazhiev passed away.
Penyo Ivanov Astrazhiev was born on 3rd June 1954 in the town of Sevlievo.
From 1985 until 2002 he worked in succession holding the position of a gamekeeper in the hunting areas Gabrovo, “Rositsa”- Lagat, Sevlievo, "Uzana". For the period from 2002-2011 he was back at State hunting area “Rositsa”- Lagat and from 2011. until 12th October 2014. was part of the mobile unit of Northern Central State Enterprise – Gabrovo.

For all his working life Penyo had spent in the service of hunting and game keeping in the Gabrovo district. In recent years, he put a great deal of effort into restoring the red deer biotope in the region "Todorchetata" the results of which are impressive.

Tirelessly guarding against poachers, he made a significant contribution in the fight to diminish the effects of illegal hunting in territory Northern Central State Enterprise Gabrovo. This in itself is a great tribute to his memory, may he now rest in peace!

13 October, 2014