Five red deer were killed in illegal hunt near village of Batoshevo on the border with DLS "Rositsa" – Lagat. During the night of 27th November 2014 an employee of the Enterprise heard shots coming from the hunting area near the village and immediately called the police in Sevlievo. Тhe Policemen on duty found in the area "Chukite" the dead bodies of two hinds and two calves. The fifth animal was taken by the poachers.
The bullets removed from the animals and shell casings found nearby, suggested the offenders had used two types of rifles.


In the subsequent combined operation with the help of Regional Forest Directorate and SCDP, the Police uncovered in the villageof Gorna Rositsaan illegal slaughterhouse for game meat processing. It was situated in a garage next to a house belonging to two people from Sofia, who rent agricultural land in the area. Several parts of animals, skins and intestines were found at the scene. The house and garage search revealed: night vision devices, weapons and a large quantity of ammunition. One of the tenants - 43-year-old man was detained for 24 hours helping Police with their enquires.

Police continue working to discover of other person or persons involved in this case. Preliminary proceedings have been initiated in accordance with article 237, paragraph 1 of the Penal Code under the guidance of the Regional Prosecutor's Office - Sevlievo.

The Management of SCDP strongly condemns poaching, which seriously hampers the development of wildlife population and appeals for just punishment for the crime. In future all employees and works of theEnterprise will continue to direct their efforts towards forest protection and for prevention of any attempts of illegal hunting.

2 December, 2014