At the first ever regional exhibition 174 trophies were shown and was titled "Hunting and Leisure 2014", which took place in Gabrovo from 25.09. to 27.09.2014. The organizers of the event were Northern Central State Enterprise, together with Hunting and Fishing Society "Chardafon" and "Toyota Ventzy". Most of the exhibits were part of the official collections of the state  hunting areas :- "Rositsa", "Voden - Iri Hisar", "Dunav", "Karakuz" and "Seslav". Trophies owned by members of the HFS “Chardafon”- Gabrovo and some fine examples from private collections were also shown. Among them - 37 trophies of red deer, 59 roe deer, 45 wild boars, 4 fallow deer, 4  mouflon,  6 wolves, 7 wild cats and a collection of small predators. Included in a series outstanding red deer trophies was a fine specimen which  was ranked third largest in Bulgaria and sixth in the world, this was shot in "Voden - Iri Hissar" and measured at 269.94 CIC points with a weight of 17.210 kg.

The opening of the exhibition, in Gabrovo was performed by The President of the National Association of Hunters and Fishermen, Mr. Ivan Petkov and Mr. Ivan Nedkov – Director of Northern Central State Enterprise - Gabrovo. Also in attendance were the Director of the North Eastern State Enterprise Yordan Radoslavov , Directors of hunting and forestry enterprises in the region, businessmen, members of the hunting groups.
             Exhibits submitted were evaluated by the regional state committee chaired by Eng. Nikolay Totev - hunting expert at Northern Central State Enterprise.  All the trophies that were on display were photographed and will be printed in a catalog

3 October, 2014